Effortless Kubernetes Management with K8Studio

Simplify your Kubernetes monitoring and management with K8Studio's innovative CloudMaps. Our intuitive visualizations and comprehensive tools transform complex cluster data into clear, actionable insights, helping you maintain control and efficiency. Easily perform CRUD operations on any object, connect via SSH, and access logs directly from our interface. Whether you're organizing clusters, visualizing deployments, or managing Helm charts, K8Studio empowers you to master your Kubernetes environment effortlessly.

What is under the hood?
K8studio Dashboard


K8Studio Deployment View
Deployment View
This feature organizes workloads, services, ingresses, and volumes by namespace and instance. Visualize object connections for a rapid pod count and status check. Simplify your Kubernetes experience with Deployment View.
K8Studio Grid View
Grid View
The grid view allows for a comprehensive tabular display of all Kubernetes objects. The left bar enables the selection of specific object types, and this view is entirely interactive and updated in real-time. Users can seamlessly search and filter objects by namespace, rearrange columns.
K8Studio Node View
Node View
The Node View offers a comprehensive display of all available nodes, showcasing the pods they house along with their current status. Additionally, it provides key insights into the CPU and memory status, offering a holistic perspective on the overall health and performance of the nodes within the cluster.
K8Studio Cluster View
Cluster View
Simplify cluster management with our List View, providing essential details and sortable columns. The Grid View adds functionality for adjusting visibility, Hotbar management, and cluster monitoring. Customize your experience with color-coded icons and cluster grouping. Stay informed with Cluster Metrics, accessing pod statistics, CPU, and memory usage per node directly in the view. Tailor your preferences by toggling off cluster monitoring if desired.
K8Studio Quick Editors
Edit effortlessly with the Quick Editor in our versatile View. It provides structured YML with suggestions, validation, and property descriptions. Access Helpers for quick edits. The YML Editor, for YML users, offers syntax highlighting and auto-completion, ensuring validation and updates.
K8Studio Helm View
Helm View
This view centralized hub for managing Helm repositories. Users can search, install charts, and oversee the entire lifecycle of installed releases. This feature streamlines the Helm-related operations, providing a efficient experience for repository management and chart deployment.
K8Studio RBAC View
The RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) view simplifies the creation and management of cluster roles and roles. Users can easily configure permissions and assign them to individuals, groups, or service accounts. Additionally, this view facilitates the creation of users and groups, providing a summary of user permissions.



The Kubernetes community license is designed to encourage personal and hobbyist use, providing an open and collaborative environment for individuals to explore and learn.



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Frequently Asked Questions

K8Studio is a comprehensive Kubernetes management IDE designed to simplify the management, monitoring, and deployment of Kubernetes clusters. It provides an intuitive graphical interface, powerful YAML editor, and integrated tools for enhanced cluster management.

K8Studio is beneficial for DevOps engineers, system administrators, developers, and anyone involved in managing Kubernetes clusters. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, K8Studio offers features that cater to various skill levels and needs.

Key features of K8Studio include: Multicluster management, Visual representation of Kubernetes resources, Intuitive YAML editor with syntax highlighting and validation, Built-in terminal access for SSH and logs, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) management.

Yes, K8Studio supports multi-cluster management, allowing you to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single interface. You can easily switch between clusters and group them for better organization.

K8Studio can be installed from our official website. Detailed installation instructions for various operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux) are provided in the documentation section.

K8Studio does not collect any data from your Kubernetes clusters. All operations are performed locally within the software, ensuring data privacy.

K8Studio is optimized for performance, ensuring that data is pulled quickly and navigation remains smooth, even with large clusters. The tool is designed to handle large amounts of data efficiently, providing a responsive user experience.

If you encounter a bug or technical issue, please report it on our GitHub Issues page. Provide as much detail as possible, including steps to reproduce the issue, your operating system, and K8Studio version. This helps our team quickly identify and resolve problems.

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